For many people, starting their own company is and will remain a dream. Our guest today, Daniel Bassing, is living this dream. Long before his studies, he was interested in process engineering issues. Due to the additional passion for beer, he found his way to brewery and food technology. With his studies in chemical and bioengineering he was able to enormously expand his knowledge in the fields of chemistry, food and biotechnology and mechanical engineering and thus laid the foundation for his current independence.

With Craft-Ing®, Daniel Bassing runs the only engineering office in Germany that offers expertise in the fields of brewing technology for novice brewers through to established pub breweries. With its procurement platform, bevazar has also focused on small and medium-sized breweries, beverage producers and bottling companies. That's why we talked to Daniel Bassing, the founder of Craft-Ing®.

Daniel Bassing, what do you do exactly?

My name is Daniel Bassing. I will soon be 34 years old and (mostly) only feel half that old. I originally grew up in the tranquil Burgkunstadt, not far from the secret beer town of Kulmbach. Of course, a young Franconian accompanies the Franconian beer culture every day, of which one can rightly be proud.

After studying chemical and bioengineering, I discovered my passion for systems engineering, measurement and control technology, and biochemistry / microbiology. Together with my hobby - beer brewing - I combine my two passions and that's why I founded my company “Craft-Ing®” almost four years ago. Here I advise people who want to try their hand at brewing, right up to brewers and professionals who make a living from it. My area of responsibility includes everything from consulting and project planning to implementation and commissioning as well as after sales service - an all-round carefree package, geared towards small breweries and brewpubs.

Why did you start your own business?

On the one hand, I have high expectations of myself and am ambitious in realizing my goals. Since I like to focus on the essentials and go my own way, independence was an option. For me it is still awesome to be able to combine my hobby, my studies and my passion and to practice it every day in my job.

What does the company name Craft-Ing mean exactly?

With the name I wanted to build a bridge between my actual business idea and my daily activities. Craft comes from crafted. I work a lot for myself. On the one hand out of self-interest, on the other hand because there is often nothing suitable on the market. In addition, I have learned a lot of manual skills in recent years, which of course I always incorporate into my work.

With the letters ING I wanted to express that behind all my thoughts and actions there is a well-founded education including well-founded experience. I did my bachelor's and master’s degree at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, then followed it up with a 4-year doctoral degree and at the same time started my own business. During this time I have gradually specialized in the market segment that I work on every day today: Plant and control technology, combined with microbiological processes (brewing) and many influences from electronics, materials science and Co.

Did you already know during your studies which direction you would like to take afterwards?

During my doctoral studies, I often had the situation that my boss wanted me to work on things that I knew exactly: “No one cares”. That was the key moment to start my own business. When I was given the task of developing, designing and commissioning a new test facility, I noticed a strong inner urge that I absolutely wanted to do it. Finally a complete project that only comes about through my thinking and working - that was then and is my absolute passion to this day. The exact direction then emerged in the last two years of my doctoral studies.

What was your biggest and what was your smallest project that you have completed so far?

The smallest project so far is a brewery workshop that operates 2 x 30 liter brewing plants for brewing seminars. Here we are currently in the process of building a meaningful and stable fermentation process with a small filling. The small breweries usually only fill their kegs and brew every 1-2 months. The big ones several times a week.

The largest project is currently two complete breweries, each with a double brewing 20 hl brewhouse incl. Fermentation cellar, bottling, storage, etc. Basically, overall projects are relatively complex because you have to take care of everything: from advice to procurement (I also integrate more often used technology in my projects), through engineering such as creating plans, installation drawings, etc. to bringing in, assembly and commissioning. Then there are briefings, training courses, etc. for the individual machines. That is an enormous amount that has to be dealt with here.

Where do you see the greatest opportunities in your industry?

In my opinion, the greatest opportunity is that people in Germany want to purchase and enjoy more and more regional products. Here people are also willing to pay a little more money than for most industrial beers. For this reason, many local, small breweries with regional, high-quality specialties are created. That means the variety for the beer drinker is getting bigger and bigger.

What does shopping look like for you in the future & where do you currently see a need for change?

With regard to online shopping for brewery equipment, I only see the future for items that do not require any advice. Everything else must or should always be discussed. The device / machine that is good and suitable for person A does not have to be suitable for person B and vice versa. I experience that every day! It is therefore important that the quality of the product descriptions increases so that buyers know exactly what they are putting in the shopping cart, even with standard products.

What else do you do in your free time when you are not busy with work?

When I don't have to work, I like to work anyway! And when I have a break, I really enjoy being in the fresh air, going for walks with my dog, mountain biking, hiking, camping and that sort of thing. I'm out and about a lot !.

We would like to thank Daniel Bassing for the exciting conversation and the great collaboration over the past few months.